The knowledge of HTML and CSS is very essential in terms of development

If you already have experience in web development, then on this page, you basically have nothing to do you will find what you need on my website without my recommendations. But newcomers would like to give some advice. We should start with the fact that without knowledge of the HTML language and CSS technology, you are “complete zero”, since you cannot even place a photo on the page yourself. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is the minimum that is needed when creating your own site! At the same time, you will almost immediately create your first html page, and you will understand that there is nothing complicated about it. Then, step by step, you will master the HTML language, starting with familiarity with the main tags and ending with working with forms.

Use the Notepad initially for the learning process

If necessary, you can always go to the HTML tags section, in which the Directory of tags will be presented to you, first with a brief, and then with a detailed description of each of them. At the first steps when learning the HTML language, it is recommended to use the Notepad editor to create html documents. Editor Notepad is a simple text editor that is part of the Windows operating system goes to the Start menu then to Programs then to Accessories then to Notepad. The fact is that working with Notepad, provides you with only one option to create an html page, in which you will enter all the code manually from the keyboard. In this way, you will quickly memorize and master all tags and understand the structure of the HTML language. You will understand well what exactly each tag and its corresponding attributes are responsible for. In addition, editing the code manually, you will learn how to work with a clean (not loaded with unnecessary tags) and the most optimal code.

In order to create professional work one has to use professional tools unlike Notepad

Notepad cannot be called a suitable editor for creating a fully fledged site, since this process will be too lengthy and time consuming. At the initial stage of learning HTML (or, for example, PHP) Notepad is what you need. But to create a better site in a specialized editor like Dreamweaver from the company Adobe, in my opinion, this is a prerequisite for the rapid and successful development of the HTML language. It is not enough to read the description of the tag and the purpose of its attributes, and then view the code in the examples and the result in the browser. So you will not go far. Be sure to independently edit the code and see what you do. If something is wrong, go back to the source code, edit it, and see the result again. Experiment, create your own examples and the result will be obvious. And this is the only way to work. Otherwise, you will constantly return to the already traversed and seemingly learned material.

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